About (and Spoilers Policy)

About the Blog

Welcome to the Celluloid Saloon, the hard-drinkin’est, hard-fightin’est place on the the digital frontier!

The Celluloid Saloon, as you may have guessed, is a blog about Westerns. Updating twice a week, it will offer news, reviews, previews, and the occasional interview. It will focus on Western films from 1960 to today, but won’t shy from the occasional foray backwards in time or out of the cinema, or even to pursue the soul of the Western out of its own genre if need be.

There’s so much more for Westerns to tell us, and so much more to be said about them. So, please join the discussion!


The Celluloid Saloon doesn’t particularly buy into the idea of spoilers. It’s very rare that anything great is genuinely ruined by the loss of mere surprise, and trying to avoid spoilers is a greater hindrance to discussing them than an aid to those who might watch the work in question.

Since we’ll mostly be talking about things that are years or even decades old, for anything more than a couple of years old spoilers will be ignored. In anything newer than that, spoilers will be avoided or given warnings. That said, if you think it sounds good while you’re reading about it, you’ll probably like it if you check it out.

About the Author

I’m Andrew Riddle, a journalism student at the University of Wollongong and a former Australian soldier. I’ve been published in the National Times, The Illawarra Mercury, Crikey, and On-Line Opinion, and have interned at ABC Radio Current Affairs. I love journalism, with a particular interest in conflict correspondence, politics and international relations. I’m looking for media work, available to write for hire, and also interested in unpaid internships. You can contact me at andrew (dot) riddle36 (at) gmail (dot) com, via Twitter as AndrewRiddle36, or by commenting anywhere on the site.


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